Contacts Duster Pro cleans up iOS for you

Contacts Duster Pro cleans up iOS for you

MyClickApps LLC has just announced that Contacts Duster Pro for iPod, iPad and iPhone has now been released for iOS 5.0 or later. The app is considered one of the best contact management apps available on the App Store. Its primary function is to clean up contacts and information on your device.

Contacts Duster Pro allows users to copy information on their devices, combine information for contacts into one entry, delete their contacts or even share them with ease. All of this is done, too, from one single place. There’s no moving around the operating system, as the app drags your information right into the application’s own interface.

It’s a great feature for anybody who uses an iPhone for business, and has to contact a wide range of people during the day. The app will make everything far easier and streamline all of the data that’s on your phone. You can even get a free version!


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