How to create an iTunes monthly allowance

How to create an iTunes monthly allowance

If your kids love iTunes, but they’re running up too high a bill, then this great feature limits the amount your children can download on iTunes. Start by clicking redeem on the iTunes music store. You will be prompted to redeem a gift code, but instead, you should choose ‘Give A Gift on iTunes’.

Then, you will see an allowances section. This will let you set up the amount that you want your kids to spend on iTunes each month. Simply type in your name, the recipient’s name, the monthly gift to give to them and all of the other information that is required. You can even add a message to the monthly gift. Just make sure you know the Apple ID that your child uses, and send it to that ID. You’ll obviously need to be logged in to your own Apple ID to do this, you cannot gift your child’s account by using their account.

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