How to prolong your iPod’s battery life

How to prolong your iPod’s battery life

Whilst iPods already have incredible battery life, there are things you can do to make the battery last even longer if you’re on a long journey, with no access to a power socket. First off, you should reduce the backlight as much as possible. If you’re in a well lit room then turning the backlight onto its lowest setting shouldn’t really cause any problems. The lower your backlight, the longer your battery will last.

Another thing to remember is that keeping your iPod  locked is better than turning it off and on again. When you turn on your device, the iPod uses more power than it would if you had just woken it from sleep. So refrain from turning it off, unless it’s going to be off for days. Try also to avoid skipping tracks a lot, not using the Internet browser and not watching video. These all use up a lot of the iPod’s battery.

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