Mini iPad rumours heat up even more

Mini iPad rumours heat up even more

There have been earlier reports of Apple potentially working on an 8” iPad, but rumours now point to a 7.85” iPad being released at the earliest in Autumn this year. Digitimes, who has been right about Apple rumours many times in the past, has now published a report that Apple’s partners have been delivering sample devices to Apple. It’s thought that this is one of the final stages of pre-production for the products, and that they could be shipped as early as the third quarter of the year.

Alongside these new iPads, it’s also being rumoured that Apple will release an 8GB iPad 2 alongside the upcoming iPad 3, with a view to reducing the cost of tablets and making the device more accessible. Could this be Apple’s attempt at clawing back customers who may have turned to cheaper Android tablets instead? The new iPad is expected to be released in just a couple of weeks, but the wait for a smaller iPad could be long.

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